5 Ways to Cure Your Hamptons Hangover

It's been a long and glorious summer and we are glad to see the break in heat upon us. But your Labor Day weekend festivities may have left you not feeling all that great. Here are some ways to cure your hangover and get back to killing it at work in no time.

Did someone Call a Doctor?

A long time medical secret to cure a hangover when needed is a good old fashioned IV drip. Jam packed with vitamins and hydration, the IV drip is designed to get your body feeling better in as little as 30 minutes. The good news is there is now an Uber for hangovers and it’s called The Hangover Club. Upon ordering, The Hangover Club will deliver an IV drip to your door with a certified registered nurse to administer it!

Not in a city where they deliver? Here are some natural ways to cure a hangover:

Hydration Station

No matter what cure you swear by, hydration is the key to getting your body back to normal. So start by immediately hydrating. To speed up this process we recommend coconut water which has 5 times the electrolytes than water (whereas sports drinks only have twice the electrolytes).

Needed Nutrition

Drink up the nutrients with a vitamin packed smoothie stocked full of fruit juices for your low blood sugar. Be sure to include berries for antioxidants, and bananas, kiwi, and spinach for power potassium to get even more electrolytes flowing.

Then round out your breakfast with eggs which contain taurine for boosted liver function, and cysteine which breaks down acetaldehyde, the chemical left over after your liver breaks down alcohol, (and causing your headache).

Just Breathe

You may or may not be able to stomach a downward dog just yet, but meditating on your breathing will help you feel better. The increased flow of oxygen to your body speeds up the rate at which alcohol toxins can be broken down.

The Best Hangover Nap

Our favorite recommendation is not to miss your hangover nap. Alcohol actually thrusts you straight into deep sleep and diminishes your full REM cycle, taking your normal night’s sleep of 6-7 REM cycles down to only 1-2! No wonder you are still tired! So we prefer an afternoon hangover nap to gain back the sleep missed the night before.

For the best hangover nap, you need to block out all light for your body to fully shut off. Perpetual Shade sleep masks are designed to do just that. With a large area of your face covered, our masks are able to block out all surrounding light in order for your body to fully rest.

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