Weekly Horoscope April 19th - April 25th 2021

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Weekly Horoscope: April 19th-April 25th 2021 


JAN. 20-FEB. 18

A family member comes into your life on Monday (or calls you up) and leads you toward a small but meaningful personal discovery -- there are aspects of yourself that only your family can draw out of you. Discoveries abound Tuesday and Wednesday as well, especially in the romance realm. Put on your safety goggles, because sparks will fly. Thursday finds you slightly crippled by all the conflicting emotions running through you; to be productive, just stop thinking about them. A power struggle comes between you and a friend (or lover) over the weekend. Do whatever it takes to make things right.


FEB. 19-MARCH 20

A love letter changes everything at the outset of the week and plants a smile on your face that's impossible to wipe off (it will stay there for days). Tuesday and Wednesday, you're feeling overwhelmed -- secretly, inwardly happy, but nonetheless overwhelmed -- and not doing much at all is the greatest gift you could give yourself. Thursday and Friday are romantic (if the plans are left up to you, be creative, weird and daring), but this weekend you end up having a lot of time on your own. Spend it doing something healthy and good for you.



You move slowly through the obstacle course at the start of the week, gathering points as you go. Speed is not the issue, style is much more important. By Tuesday or Wednesday, your speed is going to pick up anyway. Communication also figures strongly: If someone is making eyes at you, don't be shy, engage and flirt, but nothing too heavy. Thursday and Friday find you in funny waters -- you may get emotional about a family situation (family situations can be especially stressful) -- but Saturday and Sunday are the kinds of days that remind you that it's fun to be alive.



You walk out of the house on Monday feeling energetic, luxurious, creative and prepared for romance. Naturally, not all of these feelings will last into Tuesday and Wednesday -- you'll get to put all your energy to use, but the feelings of luxury, creativity, and romance will all be overshadowed by what you have to get done. By Thursday you'll finally get a break. Tell a friend about all the things you're juggling. And Friday, if you meet someone who rocks your world, tell them. Let your feelings be known. This weekend, when someone drives you nuts, practice tolerance.


MAY 21-JUNE 21

The roller coaster might be bumpy on Monday, but that doesn't mean you should eject yourself from the ride -- that would clearly only make things worse. Focus on getting through the day no matter how many busybodies and worrywarts cross your path. Tuesday and Wednesday will also be crowded with people, but they will be good people, people you already know and love or people you want to meet. On Thursday and Friday, worries about money keep you from being able to think clearly about anything else, but this weekend reminds you how little money matters ultimately.



All of your crazy ideas? Monday is the day to share them. Take a group to lunch or invite friends over for a dinner party and pretend that you are all famous writers and artists at the forefront of a new movement. Be an iconoclast. Your social life is a ship these days and somehow you've been voted captain. Surprise everyone with the energy you bring to the task. The week sees you being wilder than usual and not feeling encumbered by authority. As energy levels are high, so are emotions (remember this on Friday). Expect a bombastic weekend.


JULY 23-AUG. 22

The boss is bothering you on Monday -- not that there's anything wrong per se, but the energy is off and maybe you're a bit cranky. Tuesday and Wednesday, let your friends cheer you up: Sitting back and listening to your pals talk amongst each other is endlessly entertaining. Somehow these intellectual debates never become contentious -- probably because, beneath it all, you love one another. Thursday is a group-hug kind of day (it would be hilarious if you could actually convince your friends to go for a group hug). This weekend has you beaming.


AUG. 23-SEPT. 22

The sight of an airplane in the sky on Monday makes you wistful, and it also makes you think, 'OK, what about me? Where do I want to go?' Time to make travel plans -- big or small, it doesn't matter, just go somewhere with a friend or even by yourself (great soul-searching opportunity). Work stuff has you occupied Tuesday and Wednesday (cross as many things off your list as possible, be careful when communicating, focus on the details). Thursday and Friday are family days. Saturday is packed to the gills with plans and people, as is Sunday. Be open-minded and flexible.


SEPT. 23-OCT. 22

An apple pie is enticing, but think of how you would feel if you sat down and ate the whole thing. In other words, be careful of indulging too much in beautiful things. Besides, you don't want to weigh yourself down, because you need to be on your toes Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday requires your total focus: You'll have to put blinders up to the rest of the world just to get all your responsibilities taken care of. Friday will be frustrating (not a big day for progress) unless you stop and appreciate all that can be taken for granted. This weekend, be active.


OCT. 23-NOV. 21

You and you-know-who are sitting at either end of a seesaw. They may be a stronger force, but you have subtle talents of balance and timing. The polarity is interesting; see if you can find a way to get the best out of this relationship. You're good at making the most of things this week, including tricky friendships. What you're not good at this week is money (don't let anyone entrust you with any midweek). Friday sees you getting what you want and dreaming about the future, and Saturday and Sunday are low-key days, not days to exercise the ego.


NOV. 22-DEC. 21

Say what you mean -- no one will be offended. And if they are offended, well, they'll get over it. Communication is good on Monday, and it's good on Tuesday and Wednesday as well. This is a busy, no-nonsense week. If things aren't clicking on Thursday, it has more to do with mismatched energy than with a failing on anyone's part. No matter what, your relationships are the key to success and happiness -- don't let them go by the wayside just so you can achieve a silly goal or two. This weekend, the sun is smiling down on you, even if it's cloudy out.



DEC. 22-JAN. 19

Integrity and perseverance are important at the start of the week, but so is having fun. Monday reminds you of being a kid again -- of playing games in imaginary settings and goofing around with friends you feel like you've known forever. You don't get to indulge like this often. Come midweek you have to put on a serious face again and strike out into the serious world to do serious things. And Thursday and Friday find you seriously focused on one person. The weekend? Seriously emotional -- but bear in mind that things may not be as they seem.


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