5 Ways To Use Essential Oils

5 Ways To Use Essential Oils

By Shelby Hall 

If you aren't sure what an essential oil is, they're usually found in small tincture containers and they help you to feel certain ways.  They're used for something called aromatherapy and come in various scents, at various price points and for various ailments and anxiety issues.  Depending on what you need, here are 5 uses for your essential oils: 


Diffuser work.  Many people use their essential oils to add into water in their diffusers.  A diffuser is a smaller, often light-up box that comes in various shapes and plugs in or uses batteries.  These diffusers spritz a combination of water and essential oils into your air in your room or wherever you choose to put it.  It comes out like smoke or water vapor and smells great.  


Roll on's.  Various brands make essential oil roll on's.  You get a small, generally glass bottle of either straight or lightly diluted oils and you can get them in every scent imaginable for every issue or anxious feeling.  You roll them on your wrist, neck and various pressure points for a relaxed feeling. 


Straight oils.  You can even use the oils right from the tincture bottle like the roll on to rub on yourself or your belongings.  


Essential oil vapes.  You can get your favourite relaxation tool in a vape online or as an inhalant.  


As a bath aid.  You can use essential oil bath bombs or just add some oils to your bath to help you better relax.  


An extra tool: 

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