How To: Natural Waves Overnight

How To: Natural Waves Overnight

By Shelby Hall 

Everybody wants those cool, surfer girl, beachy waves, especially around this time of year.  Looking like you're fresh from the swell is one of the most sought after looks summer after summer and now it's your turn to have it.  How? 

Step 1: 

Grab a headband, preferably one with wire lining to bend to your head and hair.  Our Head Wraps are perfect for this and will be linked below.  


Step 2: 

Place the band around the crown of your head, on top of the hair that is down.  


Step 3: 

Start twisting your hair with your fingers towards the back of your head and up and around the band.  


Step 4: 

Put the twisted hair into the top of the band and bring it down through to add the piece to the next section.  


Step 5: 

Repeat and sleep on it, wake up and pop it on out for fresh, beachy tresses.  


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