4 Easy Meditations For Before Bed

4 Easy Meditations For Before Bed

Turning off the phone, letting go of the day and deciding to make yourself lay down and relax can be hard. Use these 4 meditations to help you relax and end your day on a positive note. 

Shower Meditation: 

Your meditations can start as early as your evening shower. Use this time to spend a little bit clearing your head, breathing in and out and feeling the warmth of the water on your skin, really feeling each droplet, rather than just standing there and hurrying out.

Mindful Skincare: 

Use your skincare regimen time to think about relaxing as you’re putting on products. With each new step, tell yourself something positive and relax another muscle.

Self-Guided Bed Meditation: 

Lay flat on your bed and go from your toes up to your head, relaxing each muscle by telling your body to relax it. Feel it relax and do this until your whole body is relaxed.

Guided Meditation: 

Use YouTube videos, apps or podcasts made for meditation to guide you in what to do as you’re drifting off to sleep. Apps like Headspace could be of help.

Try 1 of these 4 or all 4 and see how you sleep better tonight.

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