5 Tea's To Help Amplify Your Fitness Goals

5 Tea's To Help Amplify Your Fitness Goals

By Shelby Hall 

Starting or ending your day with a calming cup of tea is an everyday thing for some people, but what if tea could also help you achieve your fitness goals?  Try out these 5 teas for health, bloating and decompressing after a strenuous workout: 

Anti-bloat Tea: 

White, ginger or hibiscus teas.  These teas will help to calm down your digestive system and stop bloating before it starts or after its already begun.  

Destress + Decompress tea: 

Chamomile tea.  Use this tea to calm you down before a stressful day, before a workout or even after a stressful day or hard workout.  

Metabolism Boost Tea: 

Oolong or green tea.  Use these teas to kick-start your metabolism in the morning.  

Craving Combat Tea: 

Peppermint tea.  Use this tea to stop your cravings of sweets and snacks that won't help you reach your goals.  

Energy Renewal Tea: 

Oolong, matcha and ginseng tea.  Use these teas to bring back the energy.  Morning, noon and night.  

Use these teas to combat whatever health or dietary need you may be needing from this list!  

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