How To Have A More Successful Morning

How To Have A More Successful Morning

Shelby Hall (@shellzzii)  

Good things come to those who want them.  This is not only a powerful phrase to live and work by, but also a saying that could be helpful in your morning routine.  Maybe not this exactly, but something along the lines of being strong, in-charge and empowered to start your day. Beyond what you tell yourself, you can also try out these tips for a more energizing and fun morning routine:


Set your alarm 

to your favorite energizing tune right now.  Setting your alarm to a song you’re loving or one that will burst you full of energy right away could be a huge incentive to get up and rock out.  


Have a morning mantra 

Just like we talked about in the intro, having words to live by and start your day with could just be the answer to your Monday morning (or morning in general) blues.  


Try this easy chai recipe: 

Take a ½ cup of pumpkin pie spice

¼ cup of cinnamon

1 piece of sliced fresh ginger

1 cup of water

1 tea bag of English Breakfast tea

A pinch of sugar

Cinnamon sticks or a cinnamon drizzle to garnish

OR just take a pre-made, pre-bought box of chai and mix with almond or soy milk.  Serve iced or hot.


Live by a morning glowy skin routine 

Have a more heavy skincare routine for nighttime to wash off the day, but also clean and moisturize your face in the AM as well as potentially using a serum or facial oil as a makeup base or for that extra glow if your preference is little-to-no makeup.  


Mornings are tough, but you got this.  


Try waking up with a sleep mask on to help with eye puffiness and that morning light hitting you too early.  Shop them here:


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