Nightly Skincare Routine (For Each Skin Type)

Nightly Skincare Routine (For Each Skin Type)

Shelby Hall (@shellzzii) 

Beyond just good sleep giving you good skin, skincare also takes work on your part.  You won't get beautiful, glowing skin without taking the correct measures to keep it nice.  There are 5 skin types and while each type can use essentially the same products, each type takes special care.  Here are the 5 skin types and what you can use for a night routine on each: 


This type is not too dry or too oily.  This skin type can pretty much use any skincare items, however, this skin type is also super rare.  Generally everybody has one or more of the other types. This type has few imperfections, little-to-no sensitivity, small pores and a nice complexion.  A night routine for this would be a cleanser, serum, moisturizer and toning spray. 


This skin type produces skins natural oils in a more intense way. For this skin type, using oils could make or break your skin. A night routine for this skin type would be an oil-free cleanser, toner, exfoliant and moisturizer. 


This skin type doesn’t produce skins natural oils as easily. It’s like your winter skin, but all the time. This skin type could use more moisture, so a good night routine would be; cleaner, moisture spray or rose water, moisturizer and a hydrating night mask. 


This skin type is very common. It is both dry and oily in some spots/at some times. A night routine for this skin type would be; cleanser, serum, masks for each special area, moisturizer and a toner. 


This skin type is sort of like the dry type except it’s just bad with harsh products. This skin type would work best with this night routine: sensitive skin cleanser, a light exfoliant, toning spray, light serum and a water-based moisturizer or one made for sensitive skin. 

Skin is a big deal, take care of yours. 

You can also take care of yours by using sleep masks to keep your eyes safe and less puffy while you sleep. 

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