Workout's For Girls On The Go

Workout's For Girls On The Go

April 09, 2019

By Shelby Hall 

Girls on the go are always moving. We have little-to-no time to add to our day. Doing things such as finding “me time” or time to do things for ourselves or our bodies is very rare. Because of this, we rarely can find the time to work out. Here are a few easy ways to fit a workout into your day: 


Using apps such as Sweat or Nike Training can help find 5-20 minute workouts you can fit into your schedule and tailor to your needs. There are also relaxation apps such as Headspace and Down Dog that you could use to get in some meditation or yoga.

Group classes. 

Finding a local gym that you can join or classes that you can take could be the answer. There are classes such as yoga, HIIT, SoulCycle and lifting training. 

YouTube videos. 

There are tons of great workout options on YouTube. Including Christine Salus HIIT lessons. You can find her channel and workouts here:

Now, try to tell me you can’t fit a workout in your busy schedule.

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