Stretches To Wake Your Body Up

Stretches To Wake Your Body Up

By Shelby Hall 

When you first wake up, you might feel grumpy, drowsy or not yourself. Use these stretches to kick start your day and at them when you start your day. The key to this is to do them right when you get up to get blood flowing and your body ready to carry out the tasks of your busy schedule. 

A reach to the sky. 

This stretch is simple, it’s something you probably already do. And good news is: you can do this stretch in or out of your bed! Just elongate your body and reach up above your head, feel your body being longer and leaner as you reach up and up. 

A simple fold forward. 

This stretch will require you to stand up and get yourself out of your bed. You can stand right beside your bed or you can wait a while until you’re doing your morning routine. To do this one, simply put your hands to the sky again and fold your body forwards, bringing your hands down to your feet. 

A lunge. 

Do a lunge for each leg. Put one leg in front of the other and get down low. You can be on your back knee or have your leg straight behind you, holding you up. To make this stretch more powerful and intense, take your opposite arm to the leg you have in the front and hook your elbow around the outer part of your knee, bringing your other hand up to make prayer hands. Look upwards at the sky following the direction of your hands. Feel the stretch in your legs and groin. 

Bonus: a back bend or handstand stretch. 

If you’re feeling extra yogi or powerful, use an empty wall and either go backwards as far as you can stand without discomfort or do a handstand using the wall to hold you up longer. These stretches bring the blood flow to your brain and increase strength and flexibility. 


In the comments section down below, let us know which of these stretches you tried or have tried and how they work or have worked for you! If you have any other stretches, let us know down below also! 


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