Which Sleep Mask Matches Your Inner Spice Girl

Which Sleep Mask Matches Your Inner Spice Girl

By Shelby Hall 

Ever taken Buzzfeed quizzes? Ever wondered which Spice Girl you’re most like? Well, wonder no more: 

Sporty Spice 

Sporty would be most like our ‘IDGAF’ mask because well, she doesn’t give a f*ck. 

IDGAF Cotton Lux Sleep Mask, $29

Ginger Spice 

Ginger would be our ‘Wine Not?’ mask. As the one who wear the most red of the group, the mask just fits.

Wine Not? Baby Pink Cotton Lux Sleep Mask, $29

Posh Spice 

Posh is known for her classy, but sexy and also fearless looks. Posh would be the ‘Don’t Worry Be Yoncé’ mask because she is that b*tch and knows it. 

Don't Worry Be Yonce Cotton Lux Sleep Mask, $29

Scary Spice 

Scary would be our ‘Rich Bitch’ design because her style is very rich and wild. 

Rich Bitch Cotton Lux Sleep Mask, $29

Baby Spice 

Baby would be our ‘Love My Lashes’ eyelash mask because it is a classic and it is also very mellow and cutesy like Baby. 

Love My Lashes Cotton Lux Sleep Mask, $29

We’re all a powerful Spice Girl from within, leave yours in the comments. 

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