My Top Workout Classes & What To Wear

My Top Workout Classes & What To Wear

Do you like to workout? I don't. 


I NEED to workout. It's a mental thing. If I don't do some kind of physical activity on a daily basis, I get anxious, sad and tired. Working out is proven to help boost your mood, relax your mind and get your body in shape. Although I don't look forward to waking up early (9am- yeah yeah I know that's considered 'sleeping in' for most people, however I'm a self proclaimed 'Sleep Expert' and need to do my research), I get my ass out of bed to class.

FYI- our loungewear doubles as workout gear & sleepwear so feel free to wear it to bed and class in the am.

Here is a list of my personal favorite workout classes!


SLT is pilates on crack. HOLY SHIT. This class kicks my ass each time I go. As per my instructor 'You are supposed to feel defeated'. Ok, then I guess I'm on the right path because no matter how easy I think it will get, it keeps beating me up (in a good way, of course). Class consists of using a megaformer and very small body movements while listening to really good music. I feel like the instructors are actually taking class with me because they mimic and describe each movement perfectly. I started SLT in November and I definitely feel stronger. 

Perpetual Shade Racerback tank top

I love our tank top because you can wear it long (covers your bum) or tied.

Perpetual Shade Racerback Tank Top, $32



I started Pure Barre about 2 years ago after learning from an ex that 'It will give you a good ass". Thanks bud. He was right because this class focuses on lifting and toning your tush. Minimal weights are used and the movements are very low impact. There is lots of tucking and squeezing your muscles while utilizing the ballet bar glued to the wall. Your arms also burn as the warm-up is pretty strenuous.  If you are feeling brave, try the Pure Empower class which incorporates more cardio. 

Ciao For Now Openback Twist Tank Top, $38



Just the thought of this class relaxes me. Y7 is a hot yoga class that is nothing like any other hot yoga class. The only light in the studio glows from the huge candles on the floor. Low key hip hop plays in the background while you zone out. I feel high after taking this class. If you suffer from anxiety or stress, I highly (pun intended) suggest trying Y7.

Relax Racerback Tank Top (wicking fabric great for hot yoga!), $32


Detox Mist, $15

The perfect refreshing mist for post-workout





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