Zodiac Masks To Match Your April Horoscope

Zodiac Masks To Match Your April Horoscope

I'm not a psychic but I do enjoy someone else predicting my future. Jessica Lanyadoo's website, lovelanyadoo.com has great horoscopes that are not only fun but...true? I think so. Here is your April horoscope according to lovelanyadoo.com

Lanyadoo, Jessica “April 2018.” Web blog post. www.lovelanyadoo.com. Lanyadoo, March, 31st, 2018 . Web. April, 8th, 2018



JAN. 20-FEB. 18

You can’t avoid worry; it’s an inevitable part of being a person. What you can do is practice moderating the attention and value you give your anxieties, Aquarius. This month will test your relationship to stress. Pay attention to how quick you are to shut down, distract, or constructively cope with life’s upsets. You’ll have the chance to make changes that stick, especially in the second half of April, so do your best to show up, especially when you’re at your worst.

Aquarius Zodiac Cotton Lux Sleep Mask

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FEB. 19-MARCH 20

Do what’s right for you this month, even if it's the more complicated choice or it takes you on the longer path. Life is messy, and there are always so many moving parts to consider. Instead of projecting into what you think others want you to be, just manage focus on what’s authentic to you. All you can really control are your thoughts and actions. It’s time for some major changes, and you need them to reflect your best self, not your worst fears, my love.

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When you’re feeling challenged is when it’s easiest to be a jerk, but that doesn’t make it right. People are likely to trigger you this month, and you can blindly react or you can try to dig deeper. Investigate what you really believe and where you need to take a stand versus where you’re tempted to do some fiery grandstanding. Sit with your reactions so that you can channel your passions into making your life better instead of into power struggles that keep you stuck.

Aries Zodiac Cotton Lux Sleep Mask

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You aren’t meant to be perfect, Taurus, you’re only meant to be whole. When life takes you on a circuitous route, when it seems like nothing is happening, or when your plans fail altogether, you are not screwed. When you don’t get what you want, it’s an opportunity for something else to come through. Don’t be so attached to what you desire that you block something better from coming in. Learn from your setbacks and they become successes (even if they’re annoying ones).

Taurus Zodiac Cotton Lux Sleep Mask

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MAY 21-JUNE 21

Wait until after the 15th – when your ruling planet starts moving in the right direction again – to strike out. You may find yourself chomping at the bit this month, restless to make progress, even if you’re not quite ready yet. After the New Moon in Aries on the 15th, you can expect a burst of clarity that you can use to advance your goals. It’s important that you try to pace yourself so that you can gauge your choices and behaviors before they snowball on you, Twin Star.

Gemini Zodiac Cotton Lux Sleep Mask

Perpetual Shade Gemini Cotton Lux Sleep Mask



It’s time to do some Spring-cleaning – but the emo kind. Clear out your distractions so that you can tend to what really matters. People are likely to trigger pretty intense responses in you this month, so you will need to be centered and patient in order to make sense of them. Your initial reactions are likely to be a bit too raw to trust, so take your time; say what you mean, and mean what you say, or you’ll just end up being mean, Moonchild.

Cancer Zodiac Cotton Lux Sleep Mask

Perpetual Shade Cancer Cotton Lux Sleep Mask


JULY 23-AUG. 22

Change may be inevitable, but growth certainly isn’t. It’s time to really try, Leo. Make sure that you are striving to improve your life instead of only to evade your problems. This month will bring you lots of opportunities to see things from a new and clearer vantage point, but you have to grab at them. Do your homework so that by the time the Full Moon in Scorpio happens on the 29th, you're ready to quit a destructive or stuck habit, relationship, or situation.

Leo Zodiac Cotton Lux Sleep Mask

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AUG. 23-SEPT. 22

Growth, like both happiness and grief, is not linear. You may be going in what feels like circles or struggling with feeling stuck this month. It’s important that you stay present without judgment for what you’re experiencing in the here and now. Love yourself through your process, wherever you’re at in it, Virgo. Only by first accepting your situation can you discern what’s really going on with you and the best ways to handle it.  Be patient and keep on keeping on, my love.

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SEPT. 23-OCT. 22

When people reveal themselves to be unkind or unjust, it’s important that you pay attention. Believe others when they tell you who they are, whether it’s by word or deed. You can fight them, but to what end? If you’re going to engage in fights (which you may just have to do this month), make sure you’re fighting for something and not out of spite or hate. When someone does you wrong, that’s a reflection of them, but how you chose to respond is all you, Libra.

Libra Zodiac Cotton Lux Sleep Mask

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OCT. 23-NOV. 21

The Sun moves into your relationship house and the Moon is full in your sign on the 29th; it’s your time to shine, Scorpio! Here’s a Pro Tip for doing it right: chose your battles wisely. It may be tempting to get swept up in the current of other people’s drama, but all that'll do is move you off course of your own goals. Write your own story; dance to the beat of your own drum. Make choices that reflect your best self, my love.

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NOV. 22-DEC. 21

How you relate to your resources and opportunities is being tested. If you find yourself with less money, less support, or whatever else you feel you need this month, there’s a bigger picture to consider. You are meant to learn how to make due, Sagittarius. You aren’t being punished, but this is a bit of a test. Whether you need to learn how to innovate, ask the right people for help, or to be more conservative, the onus is on you to do what’s needed without losing track of yourself.

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DEC. 22-JAN. 19

It’s time to step into the light, Cappy.  From the 4th through the 25th is a particularly fertile time when what you do counts. What looks good on paper is not necessarily good for you or right for you at this time. Take on new projects or relationships after appropriate introspection, and do whatever you do with care. This month you’re either going to get more present or feel like you’re caught up in a great wind, casting your seeds wildly. Your patience and intention will be all the difference.

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