How To Prepare For The BIG Day

How To Prepare For The BIG Day

June 17, 2018

Getting married? I'm not but this is about you. Ok, so you definitely do not need added stress on or leading up to the big day. Here are a few ways not freak the F out.


I know that you are probably up all night thinking about the fact that you are going to spend THE REST of your life with your significant other who may or may not be snoring rn. So, let me try to help you. A sleep mask is the perfect way to block out the light and the world. Try one of our Bridal Collection sleep masks. These can be customized with your new monogram and or whatever you want!

Try a pair of ear plugs (no one likes a snorer). These are a great pair that I personally use. 


Bling Ring Sleep Mask Bridal Collection

Bling Ring Customizable Sleep Mask, $25



You've probably lost a shit ton of weight for your wedding but the day of your wedding is not the time to starve yourself. Wedding days can be extremely long and go by in the blink of an eye. Between dancing, greeting guests and taking pictures you aren't left much time to grub down. Make sure you take time to eat before your hanger gets the best of you.



Drink lots of water and even more booze because it's your wedding day and today is about you!






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