How To Get The Kind Of Rest You Get On The Beach (At Home)

How To Get The Kind Of Rest You Get On The Beach (At Home)

By Shelby Hall 

You know that deep sleep you get when your toes are in the sand and your back in warm from the sun and you’ve been up since six and in the water since seven? Me too. Do you know how bad you wish you could get rest like that even if you aren’t lucky enough to live a block away from any given ocean? Also, me too. We compiled some tips and tricks to help you get better rest from home and to have the same after beach glow and nice wavy hair. 


1. Salt Spray 

This one is for the wavy hair. A salt spray works wonders if you can’t get yo booty next to some sea water for the grime and body it adds to your hair. Grab any salt spray (you can get some for cheap at places like Lush, Target and Ulta) and spritz it on in the morning and give your hair a little scrunch. That’s all it takes, effortless, just like at the beach. 

2. Manifestation For Sleep 

This may sound like a bunch of B.S., but if you manifest what you want to become, you become it. Tell yourself you want to be falling asleep in the Riveria Maya and really feel the breeze and hear the waves, it’s a version of meditation. 

3. Jergen’s In-Shower Self Tanner 

If you want that “just got back from the beach” glow, use a self tanner. One that has really worked for me is the Jergen’s in-the-shower self tanner. You lather up while you’re still wet and it helps to not leave weird residue on your hands and to more evenly spread the lotion out. You’re already naked, it’s easier to reach all those abnormal places. 

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