5 Healthy On-The-Go Snack Options

5 Healthy On-The-Go Snack Options

By Shelby Hall 

Ladies, you know how it is. One day you’re queen of the carrots and the next, you can’t keep your mind off of the cake your co-worker brought for their dessert. Let me make it a little bit easier on you, here are 5 healthy (and tasty) snack options for grabbing on the go:


Chickpeas have TONS of health benefits including inducing sleep, detoxing and even helping to heal your skin! Not to mention, you can get your chickpeas in the form of delicious roasted and lightly salted ones you make at home or get from the store or you can munch on some hummus which is made from chickpeas!


This one might seem obvious, but making yourself a super yum combo of berries can pep you right up and even add that sweetness you might be craving into your day.


Pretzels may not seem like the best or healthiest option, but hey, they’re better for you than potato chips! Choose lightly salted ones for an even healthier option.


On a strictly liquid diet? No problem. Mix in a smoothie in replacement of your mid-day snack for the same energy boost in drink form! You can buy these at almost any cafe or even make one yourself with frozen fruits and yogurt!


This may seem like your entire lunch and if you had a salad for lunch, you might not be feeling it for a snack too, but if you are feeling it, a nice little kale-based green layer with some cherry tomatoes and a vinaigrette can make the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.


Comment down below what your mid-day treat is!

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