A Shower Ritual

A Shower Ritual

By Shelby Hall 

Whether you’re a morning shower person or a night shower person, we all know that our alone time in the water can be one of the most relaxing times we get all day. Here are 4 ways to make it even better: 


Use that time to do a meditation. Whether it’s guided and you have the ability to have a speaker and a YouTube video up in the bathroom, or it’s self done and you can just take a moment to breathe and think about the day and take it down a few notches. 


Buy products that you love to use. If you love what you’re going to use, it’s going to make that sacred shower time that much more exciting. 


Use that time to go from your feet to your head and relax your limbs. Find out where you’re holding tension at and relax it. 


Use a bath or shower bomb or something scented to get you calmed down and in the mood for self care. Try our lavender scented goodies for a treat! 

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