4 Ways To De-puff Your Eyes After A Late Night

4 Ways To De-puff Your Eyes After A Late Night

By Shelby Hall 

Everybody has those nights. You know the ones. The ones where you’re out until 2 or cramming until 6 or insomnia kicks in and you get no shut eye at all. And we all know what that means for the next day (besides general tiredness and inability to properly function), puffy eyes. Here are 4 foolproof ways to get rid of puffy eyes before leaving to start your day: 


Cold spoons. Take some spoons and leave them in your freezer or fridge. Just leave them there until you need them. Once you take them out, they’ll be nice and chilled. Put them over your eyes for an instant detox and a definite puff down. 


Eye creams. Getting a solid eye cream that you can trust is honestly the key to success in life. That might seem dramatic, but once you find your eye cream, you will have found your life saver. 


Witch hazel. We all know witch hazel is great for so many things, but here’s another good use for it to add to the list. 


Tap or massage your eyes. Do this very gently because your eyes are a sensitive area, but this will stimulate blood flow back to the area and help bring down the puffiness. 

Leave a comment below telling us how you detox after a long night. 

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