How To Ease Anxiety This Summer

How To Ease Anxiety This Summer

By Shelby Hall 

The summertime may seem like it could never be bad or hold any negative feelings and like everybody is always so happy during this time, but anxiety doesn’t have a favourite season and unfortunately, it can follow us into our relaxation seasons. Use these 3 tips to help ease it: 


Meditate. What better time to use this relaxation technique than the summertime? It’s nice out so you could take your apps and guides and own mind into the great outdoors or you can stay in the comfort of your own room. 

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Utilize the warm weather and go see nature. Nature is one of the greatest depression reducers because it has natural healing properties in each smell you smell and breath your breathe. 


Join a workout class, take a trip or see a friend. Really, do anything you can do that will break you out of your own mind. It’s the summer, everybody wants to be active and doing things. 

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