Detox Your Body While You Sleep

Detox Your Body While You Sleep

Detoxing can be a scary word at times, but it is definitely something that is crucial for your body to be at its best! Through out the day you come in contact with nasty toxins you don’t want in your body from foods and the environment. An easy time to detox is over night when your body and mind are already doing just that.

An effective and easy way to detox before bed is to drink water or tea. Lemon water and peppermint tea are my go to.


Both lemon and peppermint are great for your digestive system because they help flush out the toxins that have built up through out the day. They also are great ingredients to help de-puff and reduce bloating, (both great things in the summer months).

Tip- when you get home from work, grab a large cup and fill it with water and a few slices of lemon. Let that chill in your fridge for a little bit and then drink it right before bed. If you’re going for the peppermint tea, use your favorite brand (mine is the Bigelow tea) and fill a mug with hot water. Steep the tea bag for a few minutes. Once it is fully steeped add a bit of honey for sweetness and added benefits.

Slip on your favorite eye mask after sipping on your beverage of choice and enjoy the benefits of detoxing over night.

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