Labor Day Necessities

Labor Day Necessities

Labor Day is a bittersweet holiday because it is marking the end of the summer time but it also means fall is approaching us. (It also means no more white jeans… if you still follow that rule). Weather you’re going out with a bang on a fun trip or kicking it poolside at home, I have a list of necessities that will ensure your Labor Day is as lit as it can be!

A super cute white outfit! Either go all white, down to your bathing suit, or stick with some cute white jean shorts.

A fun pool float! Need to get that last summer Insta up before it’s too cold to pose in the pool? Grab a fun float to use as a prop and a witty caption and watch the likes roll in.

A signature drink! Spice it up from your regular glass of rose. Make a fun new drink to share with your friends like this Strawberry Rose Sangria.

A killer playlist! It is a crucial addition to any situation. Playlists can either make or break your day, so choose wisely. Also make sure you have a portable speaker. (Spotify always has killer options, or you can make your own).

Finish the night off with an eye mask and comfy bed to assure you will be as rejuvenated as you can be for work after the long weekend!

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