5 Breakfast Meals You Can Make In 5 Minutes

5 Breakfast Meals You Can Make In 5 Minutes

Would you rather eat or sleep? I bet you know what our answer is! Here are 5 EASY breakfast meals you can make in 5 minutes:


1. Pre-Packed Frozen Green Smoothies

You could sleep longer every morning if you prepared your breakfast at night! These green smoothies from HelloGlow.com are the next best thing to sliced bread (minus the carbs). 

Frozen Green Smoothie


2. French Toast In A Mug

Is there really anything else to say except for 'YUM!' We found this easy recipe that only takes 2 steps to make!

French Toast In a Mug


3. The Ultimate Scrambled Eggs

We would hope that you guys know how to scramble an egg. However, just in case you've never picked up an egg and a pan, here is a super easy and delicious recipe to follow.

Easy Scrambled Egg Recipe


4. Herbed Ricotta & Tomato Toast

It's the toast-est with the most-est...haha. Seriously though, this is GOOD. Get the recipe here.

Herbed Ricotta & Tomato Breakfast Toast


5. Bagel and Egg Sandwich

Nothing says breakfast like a bagel and some schmear. Here is a simple and healthier version of the breakfast classic!

Bagel and Veggie Breakfast Sandwich


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