3 Steps To Curing Your New Year's Hangover

3 Steps To Curing Your New Year's Hangover



So you're probably suffering from a great night out...no judgement worries! Here are 3 simple ways to help cure that nasty hangover:

1. Drink up ( and we don't mean more booze )

If the only water you drank last night was the remnants of melted ice in your vodka soda, we suggest chugging a glass of H2O as soon as you wake up. Keep the water coming all day long to help rehydrate your body.

We suggest keeping this next to your bed for optimal hydration.

White Gold Swell Bottle

2. Carbs

Yes, we said it. Drinking alcohol can cause blood sugar levels to drop which in turn cause you to feel irritable and tired the next morning. AKA, hangry. Carbohydrates may help raise blood sugar levels in your body, leading to a better mood.

Here is an easy breakfast recipe to help curb your hunger.

Nutella Stuffed Pancakes

3. Nap Time

Sleep is by far the easiest way to help remedy a hangover. Studies have shown that alcohol can hinder your REM cycle, leading to disturbed sleep. Taking a 30-45 minute nap is a great way to feel rejuvenated for another night of drinking...just kidding. 

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