How to Take a Nap in 4 Simple Steps (and have a rested holiday)

How to Take a Nap in 4 Simple Steps (and have a rested holiday)

You’ve gobbled down that turkey and now have the perfect excuse to take a break from your crazy family...that’s right, it’s nap time! Naps are our absolute favorite, but It’s not every day you have the help of tryptophan to secure a proper nap, so we thought we’d help you learn how to take a nap, today and any day.

how to take a nap


Get caffeinated - nappuccino anyone?

Research shows that the most effective naps are fondly referred to as the caffeine nap. This is because caffeine typically takes 20 minutes to kick in (coincidentally the best nap length). So have your coffee, take your nap, and wake up caffeinated and ready for more family time.

Get quiet - let’s play the silent game

Depending on your family size and volume this may require ear plugs, soothing music, or even the help of your spouse to keep kids at bay. But secluding yourself to a quiet environment will enhance your well-earned siesta.

Get dark - we’re not afraid of it

A cardinal rule in how to take a nap is darkness. Put on your Perpetual Shade sleep mask because that coveted daylight that keeps your home cheery, will prohibit you from fully resting at naptime.

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Get woken up - even though it’s tempting not to

Ever wonder how long to take a nap? The best nap length is 10 - 20 minutes. Enough time to fall asleep, but not too long to make you feel groggy and throw off your sleep later. So set your alarm and nap away.

Have a happy Napsgiving! (& a thankful one too)


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