How to Dress Like a New Yorker

You may be looking to visit the Big Apple this holiday season and in a city this chic you want to own some New York street style and not look like all the rest of the Fanny pack wielding tourists. How do you accomplish this? Leave the boot cut jeans and sneakers at home, here is your complete guide for how to dress like a New Yorker:

dress like a New Yorker


Black is the new black

All black, all day, everyday. We say it, we mean it. Any New Yorker worth their salt will tell you, it's chicer, everything matches, and most importantly it's timeless. If you need a little variation stick to darks and neutrals i.e. white, cream, gray, navy blue or army green. No prints.

Investment boots

As New Yorkers, we walk a lot, we climb stairs just as much as ladders, and we have to look great doing it. For great New York street style you will need a staple pair of black ankle boots with a chunky, medium height heel ideal for style and walkability. We recommend the Rag and Bone Newbury boots in black leather.

dress like a new yorker

Investment carry all

New Yorkers have a full calendar, and this often means going from one thing to the next, all day without dropping gear off at home. This means you are carrying anything you need with you all day. Gym bag, change of shoes, iPad, anything. So invest in a good size handbag that can hold all of your needs and still look good. If you are more traditional opt for a Celine carry all, or if you prefer a little edge go for a leather backpack.

dress like a new yorkerdress like a new yorker

Investment warmth

The weather in New York City can fluctuate throughout the day and you must be prepared to walk through it. For the fall, layers are key, opt for a thick leather biker jacket or classic trench coat. To dress like a New Yorker you will need a coat that can endure the beating of a New York City winter. The full length Canada Goose puff coat is best for this.

dress like a new yorkerdress like a new yorkerdress like a new yorker


This city can be loud. You are solicited by all sorts of people on the street, the subway screeches, the sirens blare, and you just want a peaceful commute, so a practical accessory for New York City street style is headphones.  We love Frends headphones for a chic stylish commuter look.

dress like a new yorker

New York Attitude

The piece de la resistance to dress like a New Yorker is your attitude, and no this is not free reign to be rude. Contrary to popular belief, New Yorkers are actually quite nice and extremely helpful, but we will stand up for ourselves if need be. You never leave the house without your street smarts and your head held high knowing, with all certainty, that you live in the greatest city in the world.

Sleep like a New Yorker

When you live in the City of Dreams you have a lot to accomplish and you cannot do that without intentionally guarding your health. Rest and recharge is vital for anyone who calls this city home. Your favorite sleep mask is needed to block out the light and wind down. Use a Perpetual Shade sleep mask to turn off all distractions and reboot each night.

dress like a new yorker


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