4 Easy Tips to Sleep Better for the Man in Your Life

You love your honey and he loves you, and you support each other through everything, but let’s be honest, it can be a real adjustment to learn how to sleep well with someone else in your bed. Here are 4 easy tips to help your man sleep better (and therefore you too).

tips to sleep better for men

1. Drop the temperature

We sleep better in cooler temperatures, but finding a temperature you both agree on may be a challenge. He is always hot while you are freezing. You may swear he does it on purpose but the fact of the matter is our body temperatures run differently. Drop the temperature down to where your honey can be comfortable too. You may be chilly at first, but don’t forget, that furnace gets under the covers with you, so cuddle up and you will be warm in no time.

2. Don’t work or use electronics in bed

A standard “how to sleep better” rule of thumb is to stay away from all LCD lights before bedtime as the blue light they emit suppresses your body’s ability to produce melatonin. This should not be new news. However an often forgotten side effect to working from bed or using these electronics in bed is your significant other is also affected by them. Whether it’s the glaring light from the tv, your bedside lamp, or even just the sound of you typing, your habits will have a negative effect on their ability to sleep better. Shutting this habit down will not only help your partner sleep better, but you as well.

3. Sexytime

A healthy sex life is important for both of you, but when it comes to sleep, many men benefit specifically from sex before bed. Your man’s body is injected with a potent dose of oxytocin, serotonin, and prolactin after climax, all of which trigger his body with relaxation, satiation, and sleep. These hormones are released in women as well, but typically not to the same degree or as consistently. Monitor how your sex life affects both of your sleep over a period of time to see if this is an effective way to help you sleep better.

4. Sleep mask

Sleep masks are not just for women! Invest in a high quality silk sleep mask to block out all disruptive light and help your honey sleep better. We have a line of men’s sleep masks so that whether he is traveling for business or snuggling at home with you, the man in your life can sleep better.

tips to sleep better for men

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