The 20 Surprising Effects of Sleep Deprivation On Your Health

You lead a busy life and you can always sleep later right? Wrong. We are all guilty of putting off sleep, but sleep is so important on the path to success because it directly affects your health. Don’t believe us? Here are 20 ways the effects of sleep deprivation show on your body and why it is imperative you start prioritizing your full night’s sleep now.

surprising effects of sleep deprivation


1. Pale or Grayish Skin Shades

Sleeping improves blood flow, so sleep deprivation can lead to uneven, sallow skin color and dark circles around the eyes.

2. Dry Skin

A good night’s sleep improves the hydration of skin.

3. Emotional Food Cravings

A recent study has confirmed that the chances of eating food under the influence of emotions are significantly increased when we are tired and sleepy.

4. Increased Risk of Car Accidents

When it comes to driving, people who are suffering from the effects of sleep deprivation have similar results in tests like those under the influence of alcohol.

5. Acceleration of the Aging Process

Lack of sleep leads to increased secretion of HGH (your growth hormone) which provides firmness to the skin. This plus an increased level of cortisol, will result in collagen dilution which gives the skin elasticity and softness.

6. Depression

The risk of developing depression is much higher in people with sleep deprivation effects. With all the world changing you have on your calendar you cannot afford to think you are anything less than amazing.

7. Pimples and Acne

Sleep deprivation increases stress and the body starts to produce more glucocorticoid hormones.  The final result is skin tissue disorder and occurrence of pimples and acne.

8. Stress

Like we said, the lack of sleep causes increased release of cortisol. This stress hormone isn’t just for your REM cycle, it is a domino effect setup to alter your day.

9. Hypertension

Sleep deprivation affects your blood pressure which can lead to numerous health problems over time.

10. Skin Sensitivity

Your immune system is getting stronger while you are sleeping, so some effects of sleep deprivation can result in your skin being more sensitive or worsen some skin conditions like eczema.

11. Obesity

Obesity is one of the effects of sleep deprivation. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that increased weight is one of the risks with sleep deprivation.

12. Lower Life Expectancy

Several studies have shown that there is a lower life expectancy for people who consistently sleep less than 5 hours a day.

13. Eye Flickering

Lack of sleep is one of the causes of nistagmus – rhythmic, involuntary twitching of the eyeballs. Now that wasn’t on your meeting agenda!

14. Tremors

Tremors can be very unpleasant because they affect our ability to make precise movements.

15. Slower Reactions

When you don’t give your brain enough time to reenergize and rest, you won’t be able to receive, process and respond to information.

16. Negative Effects on Libido

Too tired for sexy time? It is very difficult to be intimate with your partner when you are sleepy and we know this isn’t what we want!

17. Negative Effects on Creativity

Our brain organizes all the information we gather during the day while we are sleeping. It is no wonder why people cannot come up with new ideas and brainstorm when they are sleepy.

18. Bad decisions

Different parts of the brain play a significant role in decision making. Indecisivenss or worse poor decisions can be a result of sleep deprivation effects.

19. Negative Effects on your Partner

Although this might be one of the sleep deprivation effects that are not directly related to your own health, if you are cranky and irritable, with no libido, how do you think your partner feels? Not to mention, if you go to bed late at night, you can ruin their sleep too.

20. Irritability
Find yourself losing it over the smallest of things? According to a recent study, lack of sleep amplifies negative emotions in people.

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