The 7 Most Commonly Forgotten Items on Your Vacation Packing List

Nothing is chicer than strolling off the runway and straight into your shiny black car, which is why we are big believers in strategic packing. But you don’t want to remember the one thing you need, once you’re miles away from home. This is the reason why we need a thorough vacation packing list. The following is a list of the 7 most forgotten items that need to be on your packing list.

most forgotten items on your packing list

1. Facial Care for Day & Night

Let's be honest, there are so many toiletries to pack, you sometimes forget some. Most hotels provide body wash, shampoo and conditioner, but body wash is too harsh for your sensitive face. Do not forget your favorite facial cleanser designed for your skin type, as well as day and night creams for moisturizing. Why both? Your day cream should have SPF to keep your skin safe from the sun (even if you are only going from one building to another) and your night cream is designed for intensive moisturizing and fighting wrinkles while you sleep. We love Radical Skincare's Youth Infusion Serum and Eye Revive Creme.


2. Glasses, Lenses and Solution

Don’t let 20/20 be your regrettable hindsight instead of your eyesight! You know how difficult it is to continue functioning without your eye essentials, even for a one-day trip. So be sure to remember your daily contacts, cleaning solution (travel size), and your nighttime glasses.


3. Bobby Pins

They are very tiny and easy to overlook, but bobby pins can certainly come in handy in a hair emergency, like if your hair elastic breaks and you need to improvise. Bonus points for also packing safety pins in case of any wardrobe malfunctions


4. Umbrellas

An umbrella is a regrettably necessary item, as we’d all like our vacations to be only sunshine, but sometimes this is just not the case. It’s far worse to be caught soaking wet and cold on your way to a dinner reservation, then to pack your umbrella. Don’t forget to check your airline carry on policy and if they don’t allow umbrellas, pack your chicest raincoat instead.


5. Chargers and Converters

You wouldn’t be caught dead without your phone or tablet, so don’t forget their chargers either. And if you are traveling internationally triple check the conversion plugs you will need to go along with all your devices. Of course, these items are usually not very expensive, so you can buy one in the tech stores close to you, but it’s better to be prepared.


6. Makeup Remover Wipes

A woman would never forget her makeup essentials, but makeup remover wipes can be easily overlooked. When you create your vacation packing list make sure to add a sufficient amount of your favorite makeup remover wipes. They are great for washing your face on the go, especially since you never know how travel may change your plans.


7. Sleep mask

This is one of those items that can help you while you are traveling and when you reach your destination. Sleep masks can help you sleep better, protect your skin, and make you look better in the morning. Don’t forget your favorite Perpetual Shade sleep mask to travel in style and comfort.


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