The Best Sleep Apps for a Restful Night’s Sleep

Posted on 06 October 2015

No matter how busy we get, sleeping is one of those activities that we cannot avoid. Numerous studies have confirmed that sleep affects our health in many ways, so getting a restful night’s sleep is extremely important. Now we all know we are glued to our phones every second of the day for a myriad of reasons, but did you know they can help you sleep too? That’s right, there’s an app for that. Several to be accurate, but  we have narrowed them down for you. Here are the 5 best sleep apps for your smart phone.

Best sleep apps for your smart phone

Night Stand

This sleep app provides several alarms that will wake you up with the music found in your iTunes collection. But where it really shines is giving you the weather report at the same time. Be honest, how often have you left the house without checking the forecast and wound up getting caught in the rain?  Plus with the imagery it rotates on the home screen you can start your day prepared and inspired after a pleasant wake up process.  (available only for iOS devices)

Night Stand Sleep App

Alarm Tunes

For those who like the look of a classic alarm, but don’t want to sacrifice their taste in music, this sleep app is for you. Simply select your favorite music and set it up to play for 30 minutes before shutting off. This gives you plenty of time to pull yourself out of bed and conquer the day, or even to fall asleep, as it is designed as a sleep timer app as well. The classic dark screen illuminating the time can be placed in an upright dock position to enhance the alarm clock look and feel, and no worries on the digital glare, as you can adjust the light on the screen.  (available only for iOS devices)

Alarm Tunes Sleep App

Sleep as Android

Not to leave out the droid users, as the name suggests, this app is made for Android mobile devices, and is an excellent sleep tracker app. Placing your phone on the bed while you sleep, this app uses sensors to detect when you are restless (AKA your REM Cycle) and activate the alarm at the best time to wake you. Is your partner blaming your snoring for their lack of sleep? Prove it! This app actually records your sleep noises throughout the night along with any changes in your sleep patterns allowing you set goals and learn to sleep better. And of course the standard calming music or white noise can be set to help you fall asleep.

Sleep as Android sleep app



This is a mobile app available for iOS, but it is expected to be available for Android soon. The main objective of this app is to help you fall asleep with the help of sounds that trigger your deepest feelings – the ones that you heard before you were born. The developers claim that this is an exceptionally efficient app and thousands of users can confirm that.

Magic sleep sleep app


Sleep Cycle

Here’s one for everyone, and that’s good because it’s rated the very best sleep app in multiple countries and by multiple top publications. It monitors and records your sleep phases with the help of the accelerometers found in each smartphone. Sleep Cycle uses this information to wake you up when you are in the lightest sleep phase. Not only that but the tracker detects when you have fallen asleep and fades the sleep aid sound. Offering high level of customizable options it’s no wonder so many swear by this app to help them sleep better. (available for iOS devices and Android)

Sleep cycle sleep app


There is no doubt that these mobile apps can change the quality of your sleep through special sounds and tracking, but there are other sleep accessories that many swear by as well. For the best sleep, partner your sleep app with your favorite Perpetual Shade luxury sleep mask, made from silk and designed to block out all light for a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list for even more health tips to sleep better.

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