3 Reasons Wine Before Bed Is Awful for Your Sleep

Drinking a glass of wine before bed to wind down is a common practice for many adults, but you aren’t actually doing yourself the service you think you are. According to WebMD, the effects alcohol has on your sleep are actually numerous, but we’ve narrowed them down for you. Here are three reasons why you should limit that glass of wine to dinner and no later if you want to sleep better.

You Skip Deep Sleep

Although wine before bed may put you to sleep faster, alcohol actually shortens your deep sleep and fluctuates your REM cycle keeping you in a lighter sleep longer. This is often why you wake up early after a night of drinking, and why you may still feel tired throughout the day (of course we’ve got you covered if you need a nap).

Wine Needs 3-4 Hours to Clear Your System

Just like anything you put into your body, you need about 3-4 hours before alcohol clears out of your system. This means that any effects wine has on your body, like interrupting your REM cycle, will still be affected within that time frame. Even if you don’t feel the effects of alcohol, your body is still working to process it.

You Build up a Tolerance

Our bodies are extremely adaptable so the danger you risk with wine before bed is that you will gradually need more wine to feel tired, which of course only makes the effects on your sleep, worse.

What We Recommend Instead…

Rather than a Wine Down routine graduate to a Wind Down routine. First, put all your devices on charge and go analog. Second, choose a relaxing activity like soothing yoga and breathing exercises to quiet your mind. Lastly, tuck yourself into the covers and slip on your favorite Perpetual Shade sleep mask and get ready to catch some Z’s.

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