3 Simple Solutions to Prevent Eye Wrinkles While You Sleep

Posted on 29 September 2015

Frustrated by sleep lines when you wake up every morning? Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process, even though we wish we were exempt. Instead of fighting the inevitable, why not choose to age gracefully? One of the things that can affect the formation of eye wrinkles is the way we sleep. Luckily, there are 3 simple solutions you can implement this week to prevent eye wrinkles while you sleep.



There is no doubt that hydration can prevent fine lines and eye wrinkles. Lack of hydration can result in dry skin and therefore – the formation of wrinkles. In order to avoid this, start from the inside out by drinking lots of water all day long. Make this habit easier by keeping your favorite reusable water bottle by your bed and your office desk, we prefer the S’well Bottle Metallic Collection to stay chic as well as hydrated.

Then a solid daily skincare regime is vital to prevent eye wrinkles. Wash your face at twice daily with your favorite cleanser, followed by the coordinating moisturizing cream depending on if it’s day or night (yes, they serve a different purpose), this way your skin can replenish while you do.

Sleep on your back

The way we sleep is a significant factor in the formation of eye wrinkles. In addition to developing a good sleep schedule, you should also consider sleeping on your back. If you sleep on your side or stomach, your facial skin is wrinkled into the pillow which encourages the formation of wrinkles on the face. In order to avoid these sleep lines, start to acclimate your body to sleeping on your back, leaving your face free from friction.


Sleep on Silk

There is actually a reason beyond luxury to utilizing silk for your sleep related products. The smooth fibers found in silk can help you retain optimal moisture levels in the skin, in addition to being softer on your face than cotton. In other words, silk is excellent to help prevent eye wrinkles. Silk is also naturally cooling in summer and warm in winter for your body’s added comfort while you sleep.

Experts recommend the use of a silk pillowcase and eye mask for the best results. So choose your favorite Perpetual Shade luxury sleep mask and start reaping the benefits of great skin care while you sleep.

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