The Men's Guide to What to Pack in a Carry On for a Long Haul Flight

Here at Perpetual Shade, we are obsessed with travel. Flying to Singapore for the markets, or home from a Sydney vacation?  Whether it's for work or for pleasure, a long haul flight can be taxing on the body in so many ways, and we want you to step off that plane ready to go. That's why we've put together your quintessential men’s guide of what to pack in a carry on for a long flight.


Carry On Bag Options

Start with a great bag you can invest in now and use for years to come. You’ll want something that can be stylish and suitable for both work and pleasure. Not to mention a bag that is practical for accessing what you need during a flight. Here are some of our favorite options depending on your style and need.

Tanner Wilderness Rucksack

Everlane Twill Weekender

Duluth Pack Leather Duffel

Be Entertained

Long haul flights these days do a pretty great job with television and movies on demand, but 13 hours is a long time so you should pack a few things to keep yourself entertained. Don’t forget to bring things that give your eyes a break from LED screen light, since that will affect your ability to sleep.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Any Book Recommended by The Art of Manliness

Offline Work Projects that pile up

Tablet with New Downloaded Podcasts

Your Favorite Magazines



Outlet Adapters

Be Rested

Do the best you can to acclimate your body to the new time zone. The meal schedule of the flight crew usually helps with this, but if you need to force yourself to sleep in order to start adjusting here’s some things that can help you along.

Travelrest Travel pillow with memory foam

Men’s Sleep mask

The Best Ear plugs

Compression socks

Vapur flexible water bottle

Natural Melatonin Pills

Change of comfortable clothes

Sweater or Cardigan for layering

Be Clean

Every man needs the perfect dopp kit filled with his travel sized favorite toiletries to freshen up throughout the flight. Here’s a few heavy hitters we recommend to feel moisturized, rested, and refreshed. Use and repeat as needed.

Owen & Fred cargo dopp kit

Ursa Major Happy Camper Toiletry Set

Jack Black’s Pit Boss Deodorant

Violife UV Germ Eliminator Tooth brush

Be Ready to Go

You never know when a delayed flight or missed connection will force your schedule to change, therefore in the event that you must run straight into a meeting without checking into your hotel you should be prepared to refresh and get ready on your flight. Things like snack bars to hold you over between meals, and items designed to hold you off in between showers will do the trick.

This Bar Saves Lives Snack Bar

Shavetech USB Rechargeable Travel Razor

Serge Normant Travel Dry Shampoo

Jack Black’s Eye Rescue


Eye drops


The more you travel, the more you will know what you need and what you don’t, but mastering what to pack in a carry on is an art and can take some time. Want some more tips & tricks on travel and sleep? Subscribe to our email list for life hacks and Perpetual Shade exclusives.

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