5 Steps to Entertain Clients Like a Pro and Work the Next Day

Entertaining clients for work can be fun and a definite job perk, however, having to entertain all night and still be at work the next day, ready to perform, can be challenging if you don’t prepare yourself. Here’s some simple guidelines you can follow to win over your client and still rest.


Establish Your Cut Off Time

Going into a client entertainment night with a cut off time allows you to avoid the “just one more drink” dilemma. As much fun as you may be having, you won’t regret cutting off the night before you pass the too late barrier.

Prep for the Morning

You will most likely be running on less sleep than you’d prefer, so why not make the morning as seamless as possible? Your goal is to arrive at work on time and in good health. Lay out your clothes for the next day, set your alarm for the morning, auto-schedule coffee to brew, and prep any ingredients needed for a heftier breakfast. We are thinking a fruit smoothie, scrambled eggs, and bacon should do the trick.

Go One for One… with Water

For every cocktail you order, be sure to balance your intake with equal parts water. This way you are not only keeping yourself hydrated, but you are also slowing down the alcohol you consume.

Be Eating

If the drinks are flowing so should the food, because drinking on an empty stomach is the worst. If you’re entertaining clients at any function outside of a traditional dinner meeting, be sure to order a few rounds of appetizers to encourage mingling, and then keep them coming.

Sleep Smart

Use your Perpetual Shade eye mask to allow your body to go into sleep mode as quickly as possible. If you live in a major city, you might consider a sound machine or white noise app to cut off any city noises as well as quiet your mind from any new project ideas now churning for the next day.

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