How to Sleep Smarter and Wake up Easier with your REM Sleep Cycle

Most people want to learn how to sleep better. We have busy lives and want to make the most out of the hours of sleep we do get. But we have actually been fooled into thinking that 8 hours of sleep is the best amount of time for the most restful night of sleep, instead look to your internal clock. Sleeping by your REM sleep cycle times will allow you to sleep smarter so you wake up feeling refreshed and leave that snooze button alone.


The REM Sleep Cycle Basics

Your body goes through 4 stages of sleep to complete one full sleep cycle, which takes approximately 90 minutes. The average adult needs about 4-5 sleep cycles (6-9 hours) in one night to feel rested and energized for the next day. The latter stages of your sleep cycle is when deep sleep occurs, and waking up in the middle of this deep sleep will leave you feeling exhausted.

REM Sleep Cycle Times

Respecting your body’s natural REM sleep cycle will enable you to wake up feeling rested, even when it’s a lesser amount of sleep than you may desire every once in a while. Most sleep sources recommend sticking to the average 90 minute sleep cycle increments (i.e. 6 hours, 7.5 hours, or 9 hours) to wake up more easily. Please note: each person’s body is different and so are sleep cycles, so listen to your body and what it is telling you -- always.

"Sleep Hypnogram" by I, RazerM.

How To Sleep Better Tip: Sleep Masks

As early as 12 years old I had problems sleeping. I knew that the constant light streaming in my room was keeping my body from reaching a true deep sleep, and I needed a sleep mask. Every sleep mask on the market was made from a cheap, uncomfortable material, the elastic sat so tight around my head that it caused headaches, and some masks didn’t even fully block out light! So, I finally resorted to making my own, and the Perpetual Shade journey began.

Through trial and error I developed a luxurious sleep mask that has changed my sleep forever. Now my life’s purpose is to pass on this sleep solution and teach others how to sleep better. Try out sleeping with your body’s REM sleep cycle times this week and let me know how you feel.

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