7 Ways Moms Prepare for Back to School

It’s that time of year again, bedtimes and curfews are re-enforced and the kiddos are finally going back to school… can we get an Amen?! But as the first day is quickly approaching, have you prepared to start the season off on the right foot? We don’t mean the laundry list of To Do’s for your kids, but have YOU prepared yourself to get back to the business of Fall? Here’s 7 tips to prepare for fall now.


  • 1. Stock up on wine
  • You’ll be killing it at work all day and then playing tutor, therapist, and cheerleader by night. You wear many hats, but sometimes the services of Pinot must be enlisted.

  • 2. Mark your iCal
  • The school should already have their calendar year planned. Be sure to mark the days the kids are off of school, may have team tryouts, school performances,  or science fairs. Be prepared so you can coordinate your work life around their big days.

  • 3. Pack your lunches
  • We can probably all agree the nutrition of many school lunch programs is sorely lacking in any real balance. Pack their lunches for the week so each morning is a simple grab and go. Don’t leave you and your hubby out! These Mason Jar Salads can be prepped on Sunday for the whole week for a grown up, healthy lunch at the office.

  • 4. Lay out your clothes
  • Not only does laying out your kids’ clothes the day before minimize morning chaos, but it works for you as well. Grab an easy outfit that you feel confident in, so you can conquer the day in stride.

  • 5. Have a spa night
  • Give yourself some extra relaxation after the kids go to bed the night before school starts. Draw a bath, put on soothing music and wind down properly.

  • 6. Sleep like a champion
  • Bedtimes are just as helpful for the children as they are for you. Take this opportunity to wind down earlier and get a full night’s rest so you are ready to take on the day. Need some help sleeping? We recommend our Baby Love Sleep Mask to block out the light and get a full night’s rest.

  • 7. Morning inspiration
  • Pick a motivational book that will inspire you for this busy but exciting season. Rise early and start your day with a dose of  Lean In, a cup of coffee, and some quiet goal planning to put you in great spirits for the season ahead.

    It’s going to be a great new season. Want more inspiration? Be sure to subscribe to our email list for more life how to’s, and ways to sleep better to prepare you for success. 

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