The Perfect Camp Care Package

The Perfect Camp Care Package

Summer camp is a great place to send the kids to while school is out. Not only does it give them a chance to have a blast away from home, but it also gives the parents a chance to have a blast while they are away.

Parents listen up: one of the most crucial parts of summer camp is the care package! I am going to give you 5 great ideas to include in your package that will be sure to increase your chances of receiving a hand written letter thanking you for their sweet surprise!

1. Perpetual Shade sleep mask- to ensure they are getting enough sleep to make it to all of their activities.

Perpetual Shade Sleep Mask Don't Wake Me Up

2. CAMP Hockey Hoodie and Camp Sweatpants- for those chilly nights by the bonfire.

3. Nail Polish- so they can be fully decked out for the end of the summer color wars.

4. A pillow case and fabric markers- so all of their bunkmates can sign a pillowcase to cherish for summers to come.




5. Bug spray- because no one likes to be bit my mosquitos. We love Hoffman's DEET Free Natural Bug Spray! 



Kids need to relax and have fun while at camp. What better surprise than sending them a package full of goodies! 




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