How To Win The Parents Over This Holiday Season

How To Win The Parents Over This Holiday Season
Tis the season for eating like you’re a pre teen and staying up late like you’re waiting for Santa to come, oh and meeting your boyfriends parents!
Meeting the fam can be stressful, but I am here to give you 5 easy tips to make sure you’re looking your best and de-stressed to win them over!

Sleep! It is the easiest and best way to make sure you’re looking your best! No one likes to show up to a family gathering tired… Throw on your sleep mask and get some Z’s, trust me you will need it.


Plump your lips! This Kiss Lip Plumper from PMD is life changing! Plump lips are all the rage and who can resist them? It is so easy to use and it takes no time at all. Throw on some trendy lipstick or some gloss to finish any look off.

Perfect skin! Don’t have time to go get a facial? Use the PMD Personal Microderm for glowy and smooth skin in the comfort of your home. Your skin will look amazing after using it and you will feel so confident and radiant!

A cute outfit! Don’t over think this one, as hard as that sounds. Choose something cute but not too over the top, just in case his little cousins insist on you playing with them… keep it classy, but sassy.

Take a gift! A bottle of wine or a festive treat will make a great first impression! Who doesn’t like to receive gifts?

Basically, if you follow these helpful tips you will win them over in no time at all. But on the off chance these tips don’t help, a bottle of red will surely do the trick and make it a breeze and a blur.

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