Bedside Table Summer Essentials

Bedside Table Summer Essentials

We all know your bedside table can either be a total disaster or an organized place for your most essential items. I am going to give you 5 items you need on your bedside table at all times to get you through this summer.


  1. Silk Sleep Mask- to ensure you go to sleep with ease and wakeup refreshed.

  1. Water- to quench your thirst without having to go all the way to the kitchen. (I’m loving the Swell water bottles)

  1. Moisturizing lip balm- (my favorite is the Glam Glow Poutmud)

  1. Advil- incase you come home late from wine night and realize work is only in a few hours and you cant afford to be hungover.

  1. Pen and small notepad- for those of you who love lists or have great ideas right before dozing off into your REM cycle.

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