What To Pack For Meeting The Parents This Holiday (& win their approval)

What To Pack For Meeting The Parents This Holiday (& win their approval)

Oh the holidays, the time when relationships kick into high gear. If this holiday has you meeting the parents for the first time, no need to fret, here’s your guide for what to pack (and have them hoping you’re their future daughter in law).

what to pack for meeting the parents

Housewarming gift

Get that first impression done right with a housewarming gift in hand at the front door. We recommend a nice bottle of vino (if they drink wine) or anything from Anthro to do the trick.

Plan for rest

Every home is different, some run cold, some hot. Some have lots of light (even at night), and meeting the parents can be taxing on your emotions so preparing for a good night’s sleep is crucial. Don’t forget:

  • Warm pajamas
  • Cool pajamas (just in case)
  • Cozy bathrobe (you never know where the shower is)
  • House slippers
  • Perpetual Shade sleep mask

Dress to fit in but be you

Check with your honey what his family’s style is. Dressy or casual? Any specific dress for the occasion? From there adjust to your style accordingly. Heir on the conservative side.

  • Skinny jeans
  • Ankle booties
  • Assorted tees, blouses, and sweaters
  • Holiday dress

Come Prepared with Talking Points

Have a background chat before you arrive at his (or her) family’s home. Get a download on their job, hobbies, and friends. What makes them feel most loved, and definitely be sure to cover any taboo topics you should steer clear of.

Gift for the parents

If you are visiting over Christmas or Hanukah rather than Thanksgiving it is nice to have a wrapped second gift that you can give the parents. It will make an impression when everyone is passing out presents. Something personal and sentimental is best, so ask your honey for help.

Offer to help out

Whether his mom cooks or it’s his dad who’s the master chef, use this opportunity to be the sous chef. Lend a hand if you notice plates need to be cleared, or batter needs mixing. This is pretty easy to do and will go a very long way.

Send a snail mail thank you

Old school and unmatched. The classic thank you card promptly sent upon your return will not only solidify your successful meeting, but honor who they are in your honey’s life. Emails just aren’t the same. Be sure to include how much you enjoyed getting to know them, and what a great time you had.

We hope this holiday is your most memorable and you come home with a larger family and loads of warm memories. Be sure to subscribe to our emails for tips on how to sleep better, travel better, and generally live the life you dream. Plus, you get 15% off your next Perpetual Shade sleep mask - high five!

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