How To Wake Up Easier in the Morning (& actually like it)

We aren’t always the biggest morning people (why leave our cozy bed?), but our good friend Monica of Lavin Label recently dished on her favorite morning routine and it was so good we had to share it! But if you don’t wake up in the morning feeling like PDiddy, we feel you, here is our guide on how to wake up easier in the morning (and actually like it).

how to wake up easier every morning


Start with a good night’s sleep

Our founder Sasha had a horrible time sleeping growing up to the point where it affected her health. That’s why she made it her life’s mission is to help everyone sleep better. The Perpetual Shade sleep mask is the perfect tool to sleep better.

how to wake up easier every morning


Wake up earlier (which may mean go to bed earlier)

It may seem hard, but planning for “morning me time” will allow you to ease into the day rather than push the snooze until you jolt out of bed late for work.

Set up your environment

Before you go to bed, set yourself up for the morning. Set your alarm across the room, preset the coffee to brew just before you rise, place a warm robe nearby so you can stay cozy as you ease out of bed)

how to wake up easier every morning

Change your language (and fake it til you make it)

Words are powerful, and saying “I’m not a morning person” or “mornings are the worst” will never make you wake up easier. Start with saying something as simple as “I love my me-time every morning” and eventually you will really believe that and will actually look forward to it.

how to wake up easier every morning

Baby Steps (don’t set yourself up for failure)

If you normally push snooze until 8:30, don’t think you can start waking up at 5am, working out, and practicing morning meditation with the flick of a switch. If 5am truly is your goal, eventually you will get there, but you don’t take Rome in a day so feel like a winner every morning with small victories like setting the alarm 15 minutes earlier, reading one chapter in a motivational book over coffee, incorporating morning yoga stretches.

how to wake up easier every morning

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