How to Fall Asleep Fast & Get a Good Night’s Sleep

How to Fall Asleep Fast & Get a Good Night’s Sleep

So we know the medical jargon, sleep is good for your health, get 7-8 hours of sleep each night, yada, yada, yada. But what if you can’t actually FALL asleep, even with your best intentions you may just lie there staring at your ceiling, wanting to shoot the sheep instead of count them. Since we live in THE City that Never Sleeps, we know exactly how you feel. Here’s 7 ways to fall asleep fast so you can kick ass by day and sleep soundly by night, every night.

how to fall asleep fast


1. Cool Things Down

Your body sleeps better in cool temperatures. Keep the thermostat to 65 degrees or lower at night to fall asleep fast.

2. Get a Perpetual Shade Sleep Mask

You know that a key to a good night’s sleep is complete darkness, and our masks help you get there no matter how bright your city. Our sleep masks are made from 100% silk for it’s comfort and anti-aging properties.

3. Block out the noise

City life can be as loud as it is bright. Even if you live in the quiet suburbs your loving husband may have a snoring problem. You have a few options at your disposal:

  • Sound machines (or apps) are great for cancelling out constant noise
  • Ear plugs or Noise cancelling headphones are ideal if the noise comes from inside your bedroom. For side sleepers, try SleepPhones for a comfortable sleep mask for your ears

4. Work it out

Get your body ready to fall asleep fast by practicing a progressive relaxation technique. Lay flat on your back and start from the toes. Curl your toes tightly for a count of seven, then relax. Repeat through each muscle group working your way up from your toes to your neck.

5. Breathe it out: 4-7-8

The 4-7-8 technique focuses your breathing to adjusts your body’s heart rate and blood pressure, both of which are linked to sleepiness. Inhale through your nose for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, exhale sharply through your mouth for 8 seconds.

6. Keep a journal

Many people who struggle with falling asleep have too much on their mind to shut down and rest. For a good night’s sleep, keep a journal on your bedside table to jot down important notes to handle the next day (and put out of your head for now).

7. Do Not Disturb & Remove Time

Turn your phone on Do Not Disturb mode during your normal sleeping hours (even if you aren’t in bed yet). This way you stop receiving notifications. Additionally, hide all clocks, seeing the time will only stress you out more if you cannot fall asleep. Quiet your mind and relax.

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