4 Sleep Aids You Need Right Now

4 Sleep Aids You Need Right Now

Everybody has trouble sleeping sometimes, it’s human. In a world where there is insomnia, nightmares and stressful schedules, it can be difficult to find yourself in healthy sleeping patterns. Whether your issue is not falling asleep early enough, not staying asleep or even having bad dreams or rough nights, everybody has something they do to before they fall asleep at night. Here are a few options that may just help you catch some Z’s:

1. Melatonin

The facts: In the past few years, melatonin has become a popular sleep aid for many due to it’s sleepy effects. This medication can come in pill form, gummy form, or rarely in liquid form. This idea does not appeal to or work for everyone, but for many it does.

2. Less blue light

To describe it: Screen time has become more common for many people before bed. Although almost everybody knows that looking at a bright, compelling light in a dark room is not the easiest on the eyes, there are now things like ASMR videos (another sleep aid), which require a person to use their phone or computer or tablet until they fall asleep due to the sounds. Minimizing screen time before bed, even by 10-15 minutes can have a huge impact on your sleeping patterns. The attention to phones distracts from sleeping which can mess up the time we fall asleep or even our dreams.

3. ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response)

What is it?: It is the formal name of sleep help, finger tapping and mouth sound videos that you probably see on YouTube daily. These videos have gotten insanely popular in the past few years, and have started something of a craze in young people wanting to cure their lack of sleep and find something to help them get tired. These videos even work for many people!

4. Sleep Masks!

What they do: sleep masks are worn over the eyes for bed and they help block out any extra light. Whether that be street lights, light pollution from the outside or even that nightlight that you prefer to keep on but not directly see (I get that). Sleep masks provide comfort and a new level of darkness, within soft material, to help keep you cozy, asleep more deeply and even wake up with less puffy eyes due to materials (like silk) on the inside touching you eyes! While those have been the most seemingly useful, there are also things such as doing a nice skincare routine before bed, taking a hot bath and reading before bed.


But, no matter what you use to sleep tonight, remember how important it is and how it affects your body and mind to get a good night’s sleep. Happy snoozin’!






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