Weekly Horoscope: April 5th-April 11th 2021

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Weekly Horoscope: April 5th-April 11th 2021 


JAN. 20-FEB. 18

Slowness is a virtue at the start of the week -- it encourages thoughtfulness, and the more thoughtful you are, the more emotionally exposed you feel. But rest assured that no one but you can tell what's going on deep in your brain. Wednesday and Thursday will be relatively social days, although you won't be surrounded by strangers, you'll be surrounded by people you love and trust. Friday is a big day at work and on Saturday you have chores to do around the house. But Sunday will be the best day you've had in ages..


FEB. 19-MARCH 20

There are things you're willing to live with and things you just aren't. On Monday, you may have to draw a line in the sand. Others may react in funny ways, but your good friends will stand by your side. Tuesday will be an emotionally rocky day -- after putting your foot down, you may feel pangs of regret (they'll pass) -- but Wednesday is a lucky day for you, as is Thursday. Friday and Saturday you're happiest sharing your good luck with others. This leads to a realization this weekend: You want to do something with your life that helps lots of people. You have big dreams.



At the beginning of the week you're like a plant just barely breaking the surface of the ground. The world is heavy. The sun is distant. What with everything on your mind, expect to be unusually introverted. By Wednesday, you'll be sprouting huge leaves and growing in unforeseen directions. A new friend comes into your life on Thursday -- a cute flower, perhaps? On Friday, when a ray of light lands directly on you, make sure you're looking your best. It's an exciting weekend for you, but try to stay grounded on Saturday. Then, on Sunday, go wild.



It's no wonder that your emotions are all over the map right now. Anything that happens Monday or Tuesday can be safely written off -- moodiness and sensitivity levels are off the charts. Wednesday and Thursday are more even-keeled days, but money issues figure prominently. (If someone presents you with a grand moneymaking scheme, don't opt in.) You won't really feel like yourself until Friday or Saturday. The weekend holds good things for you.


MAY 21-JUNE 21

You are thinking like a scientist at the start of the week, and your interest in your own emotions is almost clinical. You're in a logical, observational mode; but, as you know, some things simply can't be calculated. This is loud and clear on Wednesday and Thursday especially, when you find yourself getting along remarkably well with people you hardly know. Chalk it up to chemistry. Friday your relations with others are less smooth -- for reasons not entirely clear -- but a great conversation on Sunday sets you on a good course for the week ahead.



If someone asks you what your favorite kind of pie is on Monday or Tuesday, you won't be able to answer. You like the texture of apple but the flavor of pumpkin. Or whatever. Every decision -- even a minor one -- this week expands into a complex set of irreconcilable variables. Midweek has you feeling torn about bigger issues than pie preference. Come Friday, you may feel more like hanging out around the house with a remote control (or a book) in your hand than anything else. This weekend, you will be happy with a minimum of fanfare.


JULY 23-AUG. 22

The easy answer isn't interesting to you right now. You'd like to know what's really going on. On Monday and Tuesday you're in detective mode -- asking penetrating questions, considering every angle. And on Wednesday, buoyed by all your research, you charge into the world with fresh insights and confidence; no mincing words for you. Thursday is a big day romance-wise, and on Friday your ego is front and center. Try as you might to deflect attention on Saturday, all eyes are on you. Don't let a personality clash with someone else ruin your day. Be optimistic and forgiving.


AUG. 23-SEPT. 22

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it's also the heart of discovery. You are nothing if not curious at the start of the week, and your analytical powers have never been stronger. Your restlessness right now is incredibly useful. Communicate what you're thinking. On Wednesday and Thursday you'd like to be climbing mountains or testing theorems, but your family has other things in mind. Don't distress, because you'll have plenty of personal time on Friday and Saturday. (Although your love life might pull you in other directions.) Sunday is a day for relaxation.


SEPT. 23-OCT. 22

This week, all you can think about is money. Obviously you're thinking about more than money per se -- when you get right down to it, you're thinking about the future -- but the value of material possessions and striking a balance between generosity and stinginess are very much on your mind. The middle of the week relieves you from this line of thinking by way of a purely fun excursion with a couple of your friends. In the days leading up to Sunday, chances are good that your mind will go to thoughts of the past. But Sunday, once again, your mind's on the future.


OCT. 23-NOV. 21

On Monday you're already feeling like a new you. You go into the week stronger (and more respected) than you've felt in a while. The confidence suits you. Your mind is open to anything, but it might be too open on Wednesday and Thursday when you may find yourself caught up in a crowd mentality, being persuaded to do things you wouldn't normally do. Friday returns you to a high sense of order and self-control. That's all well and good, but don't forget to party Saturday night.


NOV. 22-DEC. 21

Your life is a movie at the outset of the week, but you can't quite follow the dialogue and the car chases make no sense. And who's the hero in this flick anyway? If you feel like canceling dinner plans and kicking back in front of the TV, hey, by all means. By Wednesday and Thursday your social calendar's too packed for TV time, and on Friday and Saturday music and art figure strongly. If someone asks you about your life goals, don't roll your eyes; a goal or two never hurt anyone. On Sunday, someone else may announce a resolution so brilliant you add it to your own list.



DEC. 22-JAN. 19

Monday and Tuesday are great days for decision-making, but don't go on your gut alone. You have a wealth of information to work with. Look at the details. Organize yourself. Wednesday and Thursday, when your plans go into effect, you may feel hesitant or awkward or pessimistic or crazy -- you'll be bouncing all over the place emotionally, but stay the course. By Friday you'll already be reaping the rewards of a path well chosen. People will be complimenting you right and left this weekend. The more modest you are, the more impressive you will be.


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