The Best Bridesmaids Gifts

The Best Bridesmaids Gifts

Don't be a Bridezilla. Spoiling your bridesmaids is one of the most important parts of getting married! The last thing you need is more wedding stress. I'm here to help with a few great bridesmaid gift options. 

Custom Sleep masks 

The gift of sleep is always a good idea, but when it comes to your favorite babes, these custom sleep masks will be the cherry on top of your wedding sundae. Customize each of their masks with their name, monogram of saying. We have you covered. Check out some fun options in our Bridal collection.




Have you ever gotten your hair and makeup done and then realized that maybe you shouldn't have worn that tight turtleneck? Squirming around trying not to mess up your fresh face and hair is no fun. No one wants to be uncomfortable getting ready for you big day. Get your bridesmaids a chic and useful loungewear set. Try a zip-up hoodie and joggers. The girls can wear them while getting ready and will prob won't want to take them off.

Custom Earrings

Get personal with your bridesmaids and gift them a pair of custom earrings. One of my favorite designers, Tarin Thomas, makes the sassiest personalized options.  




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