Sustainable Beauty: A Guide

Sustainable Beauty: A Guide

By Shelby Hall 

Skincare has become a very normalized topic in the world of the Millennial and Gen. Zers, not to mention a topic we’ve focused on in The Shady Report before. While it’s easy (and probably cheaper) to go to your local Target and pick out a cleanser, here are a few stops to make or sites to check out if you’re feeling a bit more bougie about your self-care routine:

  • Lush Cosmetics. Lush is not only known as a capitol of natural and holistic care, but also as a more inexpensive version of this care. Lush can be found online and in most bigger towns across the world (it’s international!) and is known for safe, useable products. Lush has everything from cleansers to bath bombs and even makeup, although the range is still growing. They also specialize in hair products without packaging to lessen waste produced and can help you out when you walk in with what will work for your personal skin, hair and regime.
  • Glow Recipe. 
  • Glow Recipe is a Sephora brand that can also be found on a brand-specific site. They specialize in light, dewy and airy products to make you feel fresh and clean.
  • Whether you like sticking with your tried and true, or you’re looking to branch out a bit, these three brands will give you variety and the cleansing of a lifetime. 


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