How To Get Enough Sleep in College

How To Get Enough Sleep in College
Whether it’s cramming for an exam or staying out late at a party, college seriously sets you back on sleep. Sleeping in on weekends might be the most popular quick fix, but it’s not enough to pay back that rapidly accruing sleep debt. Here are my favorite hacks on how to get enough sleep in college! 


If your college sleep schedules is anything like mine was, its probably pretty unpredictable. Regardless if its right after an exam or following a night out, being able to fall asleep when you have time is key! Sleep masks come in handy so you can block out light and get the rest you need any hour of the day. 



Between school work and socializing, it’s easy to feel run down and need a caffeine boost to help you get through your day. Enjoy your last coffee by 2 pm so that it doesn't interfere with your sleep schedule. 


The electronic lights of computers, tablets and television stimulate the brain. Turning off electronics at least 30 minutes before bed helps your brain power down and prepare for sleep. It can also help avoid getting stuck in the Instagram trap, saving you hours of scrolling. 


The freshman 15 is no joke so there is many reasons why working out is beneficial in college. Working out has so many benefits but make sure you are timing it correctly. Try to exercise at least two hours before bed – even if it’s only for a half hour walk. This will give your body time to unwind before you go to sleep.


Set your alarm for going to bed. We have an internal body clock that wants to stay on schedule. If you vary your sleep time by too many hours, you can throw off your rhythm. This is what causes difficulty falling asleep when you want.





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