3 Ways CBD Helps With Sleep

3 Ways CBD Helps With Sleep

October 02, 2018


If you have eyes and ears then you definitely noticed the recent CBD craze. CBD is derived from cannabis or hemp plants. Cannabis itself contains a variety of chemical compounds that, when ingested, can impact the body’s systems in multiple ways. Your body produces a bunch of natural cannabinoids already in its regulation of emotions and sleep; CBD can trigger the release of more. Here are 3 reasons you'll want to use CBD to help with sleep! 

1. CBD Can Help Manage Anxiety

Whether you’re experiencing stress at work, with friends, or in your relationships, this stress can keep your nervous system activated during the hours your body is trying to rest. Stress can upset sleeping patterns, preventing you from getting the sleep you need to build new cells, detox, digest, and heal. CBD is quickly becoming an effective tool for anxiety and stress management. This is because it works so intimately with the nervous and endocannabinoid systems. CBD can target cognitive function and eliminate the sensation of racing thoughts. When it comes to CBD and sleep, anxiety management can directly combat bouts of insomnia and other issues that can prevent a good night’s sleep.

2. CBD Stabilizes Sleeping Patterns

Because CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system, which plays a huge role in monitoring sleep patterns, it can help regulate and stabilize how you sleep. CBD can, for one thing, enable longer periods of undisrupted sleep. This can promote more sensations of energy and alertness during the day. CBD may even be able to promote more REM sleep, the type of sleep that truly gives you the rest that you need.

3. Regular Dosage Can Alleviate Chronic Pain

Lastly, a lot of individuals suffer from chronic pain of some kind. Chronic pain can impact sleep directly and even lead to the development of sleep disorders. CBD has been used to treat symptoms of chronic pain in the past, especially symptoms that emerge from muscle spasms, arthritis, and neuralgia. This is largely a result of CBD’s ability to intercept the transmission of pain signals by stimulating or silencing neurotransmitters and receptors. CBD can help you manage the sensation of physical pain in your body. It can also relax muscle fibers, promoting an overall feeling of relaxation.





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