Crystals And Their Purpose In Your Life

Crystals And Their Purpose In Your Life

By Shelby Hall 

Do you believe in the power of crystals? Some use them for everything from healing to providing them happiness. If you don’t know anything about these “magical” things, then you’re not alone. Things like crystals could be completely useless to you or you could be super interested in their powers. Luckily there are some tips on how a beginner could start to understand and use these stones.

Tip 1: Meditation 

Use your crystals by holding them during your meditation time. You can put them in your hands or on your body. Line them on your legs or down your back or stomach if you choose to lay down. This way can help control your breathing and your energy from the inside out. They can also help to sink you deeper into your chair or ground or bed, making you feel more grounded.

Tip 2: An Altar 

You can line a spot on your dresser or in your room with crystals, sage and any other healing supplies or pretty little things you find. This can be a way of taking a sacred feeling into your own hands, create it yourself. It can help your room to feel more calm or make energy more prevalent and easy to feel.

Tip 3: Carry Them 

Carrying crystals around with your in your pocket, purse or backpack can help you to bring the energy with you. You can hold them whenever you need a boost of calm energy or whenever you need to bring your attention back to your school work.

Tip 4: Home Decor 

Using crystals in your decor around your home can help to bring the energy to other spots besides your room altar. You can get bigger geodes with cool natural designs to put in your living spaces and anywhere else you see them fit.

Tip 5: Wear Them 

You can make crystals into necklaces and any other jewelry piece you can think of. You can use wrap wire to wrap them into something you can put on a plain ring, a chain for a necklace or little crystals for a bracelet.

Whatever you choose to use your crystals for, you will be able to feel a higher energy and an alignment of your inner peace.

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