Alternatives To Coffee

Alternatives To Coffee

Looking to kick the coffee in the morning but still 100% need something to give you the energy to get out of the door? I have been searching for the best thing to replace my normal coffee and I have found some pretty legit alternatives.

Kombucha Tea is a huge thing that a ton of people are taking about and drinking! I was skeptical the first time I drank one because there is this odd looking bacteria at the bottom of the glass, but with a little Googling I was ready to take it down. After trying a few flavors and brands, I can confidently say I love and continue to purchase both the GT’s Gingerade and Guava Goddess. (They have a ton of different flavors).


Kombucha is great for you because it improves digestion, supports your immune system, and gives you energy!

Wheatgrass shots are definitely not my go to for every day, but they do give me the kick I need in the morning! I find mine at my local pressed juice shop, but you can find them just about anywhere they sell fresh juice. I stock up on one or two to have throughout the week for when I am feeling a little gross and lacking energy. Wheatgrass has a ton of vitamins and minerals and also is a natural energizer! If you don’t like the taste of it alone you can add it to your smoothie as well.

Both of these options make it easier for me to take my eye mask off and crawl out of bed in the morning!

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