5 Tips For A Better Night In

5 Tips For A Better Night In

By Shelby Hall 

Maybe feeling sexy and beautiful when you have a night out is easy, but feeling that way in the comfort of your own home and room can sometimes be difficult and could lead to self-pity and being sad about your image, simply because you’re not in full glam and going out. Here are 5 tips to feel your best in your PJ’s and beautiful in your spare time: 


Find yourself a nice PJ set, nightgown (or even onesie if you would prefer that). Search various brands within your price range and find PJ’s that make you feel beautiful.


Have a self-care routine. Having an occasional (or nightly) pampering routine could help to boost that confidence when you’re not going out for the night.


Start winding down early. The earlier you start, the more time you have to treat yo self!


Start a good book. They say a woman’s most beautiful organ is her brain, use it. Start a book you’ve been wanting to dig into or find a top read and give it a go.


Clean your sheets and PJ’s on the regular. Keeping everything clean will not only smell better and look better, but will also help you to feel comfier and more in the mood to calm down. 

It’s not all about sex appeal, especially when you’re alone, but you should impress yourself no matter what. You’re worth it. 

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